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Recent Activities

E-Learning Pilot Implementation at District Courts, Religious Courts and Administrative Courts.

In preparation for full implementation of E-learning program for judges, C4J is fully supporting Supreme Court in testing out the application and its content at select general district courts, religious courts and administrative courts in four provinces. The E-learning pilot aims to obtain the lessons learned for all courts jurisdictions to ensure that the full implementation of the e-learning will be a success. The pilot is conducted in West Nusa Tenggara, South Sumatra, West Java, and North Sulawesi.

11 Apr 2014 - 30 Apr 2014

Radio Talkshows on Biodiversity-related Crimes.

C4J in full support of the Supreme Court and the Attorney General Office, developed programs and modules to improve law enforcement in biodiversity-related crimes as improving well as public contribution and participation in reporting biodiversity-crimes. One of such programs is two series of radio talk show in collaboration with Green Radio KBR 68H, conducted on 20 March and 3 April. The first talk show discussed about forest fire in Riau, inviting representatives from Ministry of Environment. The second one discussed the wildlife crimes with representative from Ministry of Forestry.

20 Mar 2014 - 03 Apr 2014

E-Learning Application and Content Development Training for the Supreme Court's Training Center.

C4J, in support of the Supreme Court, has completed the development of E-Learning application and its content of Judicial Ethics for judges across Indonesia. C4J held an e-learning training on 4-7 March 2014 in the Supreme Court’s Training Centre, inviting the judges who had been involved in the E-learning content development. Nineteen judges and staff from the Training Centre attended the 4 days training held in the Pusdiklat. The training presented a complete overview and imparted the skills required for the development of the e-learning application.

04 Mar 2014 - 07 Mar 2014

Latest Articles

Indonesian Journalists Vigilant on Preserving Biodiversity
Indonesian Journalists Vigilant on Preserving Biodiversity

Indonesia is one of the most important centers of biodiversity in the world, with 10 percent of the world’s flowering plants, 12 percent of the mammals, and 17 percent of the birds. This diversity is disproportionately high compared to other countries. Many species in Indoneisa are not found anywhere else in the world. According to World Wildlife Fund (WWF), Indonesia is also the biggest exporter of wild animals caught in the wild in Southeast Asia. This rampant illegal wildlife trade and the fast-paced destruction of forest habitat are seriously threatening not only Indonesia’s biodiversity, but also the welfare of its citizens who rely on the forests for their livelihood. The media play an important role…

Read More » 06 Jun 2014
Helping Indonesian Court Improving Public Access to Information
Helping Indonesian Court Improving Public Access to Information

Yuli and Dian, two Law students, were seen one afternoon spending an hour in the public information desk area of the East Jakarta District Court. They were researching and collecting court case data using the court’s case tracking system (CTS) which they accessed through the website kiosk display. The CTS is a web-based application that enables public to access court information including case data on district courts’ own websites. Both students claimed that this has saved them significant amount of time rather than having to go through the hundreds of thick court register books. This kind of scene was completely non-existent just five years ago. In the past four years, United States for International Development…

Read More » 11 Feb 2014
A Visionary Leadership Aiming for Fully-Automated Court
A Visionary Leadership Aiming for Fully-Automated Court

A small district court in Central Java has shown the country that leadership with clear vision and a little bit of ingenuity can transform a run-of-the mill court into a modern court with always-on information that minimizes bureacracy, optimizes time and case management, and maximizes public service. Klaten, a town smacked in the middle of former ancient kingdoms in Central Java, is an unlikely candidate to host a model court to be the first in the country to go fully electronic. However, this is what will likely to happen in the next year after Klaten District Court has undergone a transformation in the past two years since the appointment of its Chief Judge Eka Budhi…

Read More » 10 Feb 2014
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